Swan Mountain Outfitters

Swan Mountain Outfitters offer a great variety of elk hunting in Montana. Located in Swan Lake, Montana, they offer archery and rifle elk hunts in the Bob Marshall Wilderness. The hunts offered by Swan Mountain Outfitters are basically broken down into 4 separate seasons. Those seasons are: 

  • Archery elk season
    • Early to late September
  • Early rifle elk season 
    • Late September
    • During the Elk Rut
  • October black bear season
    • First 3 weeks of October
    • Dedicated bear hunting falls between elk and mule deer ruts
  • General Montana hunting season
    • After elk rut/beginning of mule deer rut


Swan Mountain Outfitters

Swan Mountain Outfitters Hunting Services

swan lake outfittersSince Swan Mountain Outfitters operate a guide school, they get to hand select from their best graduates and groom them into some of the country’s best elk guides. The guides at Swan Mountain Outfitters are very deliberate in the techniques they use to get hunters within range of world class elk. 

To start off, the Swan Mountain Outfitters’ guide will take 2 hunters at a time and travel as much as 2 days on horseback to reach prime elk territory. Once in the targeted area, the Swan Mountain Outfitters’ guide will utilize a spike camp. At the spike camp, scent control is in effect and there aren’t any open fires or other scent creating activities that can ruin a hunt’s chances. They are serious about maximizing your success.

Once in the designated hunting area, your experienced guide will use the best spot and stalk techniques as well as the best calling methods to give you the best chance at killing an elk. The average archery elk hunt is a 7 day hunt that normally consists of 2 days for travel and 5 days for hunting.

Other hunts offered at Swan Mountain Outfitters

In addition to elk, Swan Mountain Outfitters offers the following hunts:

  • Mule deer hunts
  • Whitetail deer hunts
  • Black bear hunts
  • Mountain lion hunts
  • Mountain goat hunts
  • Moose hunts

Success rates at Swan Mountain Outfitters

The average success rates at Swan Mountain Outfitters are as follows:

  • 30% Archery elk
  • 45% Rifle elk
  • 40% All animals on average

Prices at Swan Mountain Outfitters

swan lake elkHere are the packages for the 7 day hunts offered at Swan Mountain Outfitters. Contact Swan Mountain Outfitters or visit their website for current rates.

Archery elk hunt prices 

  • $4,600 per hunter

Early season rifle elk

  • $4,950 per hunter

General season (last week of October through November)

  • $4,950 per hunter for the first week of the general season
  • $3,600 for the rest of November

Book Your Hunt

To book a hunt with Swan Mountain Outfitters, please visit them at http://www.swanmountainoutfitters.com or call them at (406) 387-4405

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