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Chappell Guide Service is billed as Arizona’s Premier Elk Outfitter, and has been leading successful elk hunts for more than two decades. This outfitter, within the past decade, has guided hunters to seven bulls that were over 400“, 15 bulls over 380”, and many more in the 350“ to 375” class. These bulls were all taken during the regular, open season – none of them were auction or raffle tags with year-long season dates.

Owner Steve Chappell has been a professional hunting guide for more than 20 years. He’s a Cabela’s Pro Staffer as well as a Rocky Mountain Hunting Calls Pro Staffer. Steve and his team scout tirelessly to locate the best units for hunting each year, and have consistent success.

Hunts offered through Chappell Guide Service are broken down into four distinct seasons:

  • Archery Elk Season
    • Typically mid- to late-September, but some units run late September to early October
  • Rut Firearms Elk Season
    • Late September to early October, with some units running mid September
  • Peaks Rifle Hunts Elk Season
    • Occurring during October through the beginning of November, these are “Limited Opportunity” hunts in the high elevations of the San Francisco Peaks towering above Flagstaff
  • Peak Rut Muzzleloader
    • Running through the middle of November, this season began in 2013 and is a tough hunt with the potential to produce trophy-class bulls.
  • Late Archery
    • The last half of November, this season occurs after the rut. A limited number of tags issued, though, results in a hunt with very low pressure on the elk so high success rates. It’s not an easy hunt, but usually a successful one.
  • Late Rifle
    • Typically the first week in December, the mature bulls have separated from the cows and are more difficult to locate. High tag numbers equals a lot of pressure, but Chappell’s savvy and skill makes this a productive hunt.

Chappell Guide Service

Chappell Guide Service hunting services

Chappell focuses on quality rather than quantity, specializing in personalized one on one hunts. The camps are always well prepared and stocked, and hunters never go hungry. Some hunters even gain weight during their excursion, which is almost unheard of (especially in 90º Arizona weather). Camps consist of a combination of travel trailers and quality wall tents, with showers available every day. They provide all transportation and meals during the hunt. Chappell also handles field dressing, skinning, packing, and preparing your bull for processing and taxidermy.

Chapell Guide Service

Through years of hard work and dedication, Chappell Guide Service has earned a reputation of being one of the premier elk outfitters in Arizona. Your guide will contact you early to ask what you’re hoping to get out of the hunt and what equipment you’ll be hunting with. They also let you know what to expect during the trek to the hunting unit, and tailor the whole experience to your preferences.

Once camp is set up, your guide will make use of the best techniques for the unit your hunting, whether it’s calling, spot and stalk, still, or sitting water. The guide will also help you with your calling methods, giving you the best chance at drawing in and taking out your bull.

Other hunts offered by Chappell Guide Service

Chappell Guide Service is a premier elk outfitter, but they also offer these additional hunts:[pwal id=”163511632″ description=”Please like our facebook page to continue!”][/pwal]

  • Trophy Mule Deer
  • Coues Deer
  • Antelope

Prices at Chappell Guide Service

Chappell Guide Service

Chappell Guide Services offers two packages: a Fully Outfitted Package and a Guided Hunt one-on-one package. The Fully Outfitted Package provides you with everything listed above, but the Guided Hunt does not include the camp or the meals. You’ll have to bring in your own camping gear and food for a guided hunt-only package. Here are the packages as of April 2017. Call, email, or visit Chappell Guide Service’s web page for current rates.

  • Archery Elk Hunts
    • Fully Outfitted Guided 1-on–1 Hunt
      • $5,750 for 7 days
      • $6,750 for 10 days (with 14-day option)
    • Guided 1-on–1 Hunt
      • $4,750 for 7 days
      • $5,500 for 10 days (with 14-day option)
    • 2-on–1 Archery Hunts available
      • Hunters must know each other
      • Call for rates
  • Rifle and Muzzleloader Full Season 7-Day Hunt
    • Fully Outfitted Guided 1-on–1 Hunt
      • Early Bull – $5,750
      • Late Season Bull – $5,750
      • 2-on–1 Hunt– $4,500 each (hunters must know each other)
    • Guided 1-on–1 Hunt
      • Early Bull – $4,750
      • Late Season Bull – $4,750
      • 2-on–1 Hunt – $3,750 each (hunters must know each other)

Chappell Guide Service never sells “scouting packages” to other hunters, because selling their scouting information or historic knowledge of your hunt unit could jeapordize your hunt success. Chappell depends upon local guides who live near each hunt unit they cover, who have intimate knowledge of the terrain and trails.

Book your hunt

To book your hunt with Chappell Guide Service, you can visit their web page at or call them at 800–383–6223. You can also email Steve at

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